Rituals can be developed to impart order within times of uncertainty. As business women, wives, mothers, friends, sisters, daughters and more, it is important that we develop self-soothing and often self-preserving programs that sustain us.
When most people think of rituals they probably dwell on the idea of chanting, rocking back and forth and even humming. A variety of visions may come to mind including religious ceremonies with a specified order of events and activities. As a frequent visitor to my Episcopalian Church and Catholic School as a child I became fascinated by the rituals of some of the ceremonies because they were predictable, structured and serious – all of which I always craved as child. Even as an adult I adhere to structure and order as a way to maintain a sense of peace and comfort in knowing what is coming next.
For me, I use self-designed rituals as a way to maintain normalcy in my personal and work life and to give me structure when things are chaotic or spiraling out of control. In the case of OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, rituals can actually be prohibitive by causing the one who suffers from the condition to engage in the repetition of time-consuming activities to avoid impending doom or disaster. In those cases, it is important to carefully assess healthy rituals and the point where they may go too far in a way that may actually impede your progress.
I have never functioned well in disorder and have always quickly implemented my own plans to create peace and order in my space. There are a few ideas that work for me and that may also work for you.
Whenever I need to frame my experience and provide structure to my day or an activity I put on the music that will best match my need at the time. On some days the Luther Vandross Pandora Station works best while on others it is the Adele Station.
Once I establish my music selection I always move onto the lighting. Sometimes, harsh overhead lighting is just too much and dim lighting is just too depressing. On most days, if I am working at home I turn on the bottom lamp of the tall floor lamp in the living area, the overhead light dimmer on medium in the dining room and the small desk lamp on my desk. It seems like a lot, however, the process is part of getting ready or setting the stage for me and it works.
Sometimes I have to write a lot and to “warm” up the writing juices I generally drink something hot. I am not a coffee drinker, however, I have a variety of teas from Peppermint Tea to Orange Spice Tea to Raspberry Tea. On the days when I need that warmth, that perfect concoction to ease my soul, I conjure up a cup of my ginger, honey, lemon tea. Preparing the triple threat drink is part of the ritual of most of my work days and on a really important day may actually be crafted on more than one occasion.
Although my list of rituals is long, these are just three that may help you in organizing your work and home aura.
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annyb, writer, motivational speaker and life strategist is passionate about women’s issues ranging from Mental and Physical Health, Alternative Medicine, Self-Healing, Stress Free Living, and Starting Over. She uses writing as a method of healing mind, body, soul and spirit and shares techniques with her readers on the process of self-healing through the use of their own words. annyb wrote her own #soulprescriptions# as a method of healing as she fought through a life altering health crisis in 2011 to recovery. She just completed work on her first children’s book to be published in 2016.

Most recently annyb has consulted with local, national and international Corporations, Nonprofit organizations and individuals on a variety of topics: General Business Management, HR, Corporate Communications, Board Governance, Career Coaching, Practical Life Solutions and Soul Strategies.

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