I’m in a very interesting season of my life. The past 12 months have been filled with surprises. Some pleasant, some not so pleasant. Some things and people I believed in, have turned out to be fraudulent. I’ve been doing business as usual, but that has turned out to be unproductive. Those I use to consult for advice are no longer around. I found myself in a state of confusion and to be honest, I was even a little depressed. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore and I couldn’t understand why everything had changed. I prayed and asked God for clarity. I heard the Lord say, “I answered your prayer”. I had been praying for new things, new relationships, and new opportunities. All the changes I had been experiencing were a result of my prayers.

Like they always say, “be careful what you ask for because you just might get it”. I never imagined that I’d have to lose opportunities to gain new ones. When we pray and ask God for things we can’t be upset with how He chooses to answer or provide. My prayers had been answered, everything was changing, but I was stuck because I was still doing the same old things. The season had shifted, but I was still looking for my old stuff. God began to show me that those things I lost were only “placeholders”. They were just people, habits, and hobbies that were keeping me distracted from my purpose and the main things I needed to be focused on. Once I grasped that, I began to praise Him. I was reminded of the saying, “sometimes have to lose to win again”.

Anything that has been removed by God, isn’t anything that is needed for the next chapter of your life. I’d rather lose all the dead weight in my life and be in position to receive the best that God has for me. I’m adjusting to my new season and looking forward to the awesome opportunities that await me. I just want to encourage someone who’s feeling down due to some thing’s or people who have been removed. God makes no mistakes. Sometimes it’s the things we love that are holding us back. This is the season for forward progress and promotion. Each season in life will require a change. Spiritual seasons are similar to seasons in the natural. As the Fall season is quickly approaching, we will have to put up our sundresses and sandals and pull out our sweaters and boots. It’s the same spiritually, some people and habits will have to be put away. Everyone isn’t anointed or equipped to accompany/assist you in your next level. So if you look around and notice all things have changed, praise Him. He is simply replacing the old with the new and improved. Be encouraged!

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