I was talking to a friend of mine who was venting about how disappointed she was for her birthday. She went on to say how those she thought would celebrate her were the ones she didn’t hear from. She stated that the one’s she least expected were the very ones that made her feel special but she was still hurt about those that didn’t show concern. I tried to offer words of encouragement but nothing seemed to help. She was determined to stay in a bad mood. Once I left her home, our conversation stayed on my mind. As I was talking to God about her situation as well as others that have shared similar stories with me. A rhetorical question popped up in my spirit. That question was why do we expect people to be great to us, when we haven’t been that good to them? As I continued to ponder that question, everything began to make sense. I hear so many complain about how no one supports them and no one is ever there for them when they need a friend. The real question is are we really supportive of our friends? Are we asking others to do for us what we haven’t done for them? We all would say that we are supportive but if we took a survey from our closest relatives and friends I’m sure we would find that we have dropped the ball a few times.

There are a few things to consider before jumping to conclusions as to why your friends don’t support you the way you would like them to. The first thing to consider is the fact that people are going to be people. I think that we often place too many expectations on people. People are sometimes inconsistent, unreliable, or just plain busy! If your friend is a single parent with a job, I can assure you her plate is full. It isn’t anything personal. The second thing to consider is that sometimes we put too much trust in man. God is a jealous God and will not have us relying on anyone more than we turn to Him. So He will allow us to be disappointed by people just to remind us that they’re human and aren’t error proof. The final thing to consider is that maybe God is trying to tell you something. If you know you’ve been an amazing friend yet you still lack support from those you around you. Maybe you need to reevaluate those you call friends. That’s happening in my life right now.

As we grow and evolve into the person God has called us to be, I believe that our circle must change as well. We can’t be all God has ordained us to be if we insist on hanging out with those from last season. Just as the seasons change naturally, they also change personally. Everyone won’t support your new business, they won’t congratulate you on the new car, and they will sometimes miss very important moments in your life. Don’t allow the disappointment to discourage you. If you sow seeds of support then I strongly believe sooner or later you will reap a harvest of the same.

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