Has anyone else heard Beyoncé’s new song “Formation?” If not then you must have spent your entire weekend under a rock. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite Beyonce songs. I love it not just because she slays, not just because the dance moves make me want to get up a do a jig, and not even because the beat alone makes me want to throw some hot sauce in my bag. I love it because of the underlying, yet very vocalized call to come together. I love it because she basically screams black lives matter while showcasing strong images of black people. I love it because she addresses the devastation that still exists in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Lastly, I love it because black girls of all shades came together and proceeded to shut it down. Did you see the choreography? Did you see the wardrobe changes? Did you catch the classy, yet sassy appeal those girls have?



Formation itself is Beyonce’s way of basically telling black girls to come together, slay, and build wealth. It was an ode to loving our locks and our original noses. How can you hate it? Leave it to Beyonce to create a song where you’re given a message, while appealing to your inner ratchet through an amazing beat.


Highlights from the Super Bowl half-time show

But why all the hate? Simply put…because she’s Beyonce. If we dig a little deeper the hate for the song is more than likely due to the fact that she’s empowering women that look like her. The entire video was an ode to different sides of black women. She showcased that we aren’t necessarily what the media portrays us as. She covered our sexy side, our classy side, our southern roots, our militant side and even added in our undeniable need to slay. When has empowering the black woman in the media ever been what’s poppin’? Sadly to say not very often, if ever.


Regardless of how you feel about Beyonce and her lack of clothing, her love for telling us how much she loves her husband, or her lack of traditional education you can’t deny she gets it. She’s not just some black celebrity sitting on a boat somewhere pretending that the plight of the black woman/man doesn’t affect her because she has money. She’s not out here being a coon, I mean fool, like Stacy “Clueless” Dash. She’s given her time, name, and money to numerous charities, but haters goin’ hate I suppose. Regardless, the queen of the BeyHive does all of this without apology, while looking amazing, and with hot sauce in her bag. Now you can’t deny that swag.


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