Why are you having frequent back pains? Some people chalk it up to getting older. Sometimes the pains are so severe that it disrupts your routine. You could be the cause of your back pains. Here are four things that you do on a regular basis that could be contributing to your back pains:

1. Sitting at Your Desk

When you are sitting, you put 40 percent more pressure on your spine than when you are standing up. According to Sharon Hame, MD, clinical associate professor at UCLA’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery, sitting at your computer for long hours could lead to significant medical problems.

When you have a deadline, the last thing on your mind is posture. You want to get the work done, and you want to get it done fast. Sometimes you hunch over your chair for an extended period.

If you do not use your back muscles, they will eventually get weak. Furthermore, the joints lose lubrication, and they age at a faster pace.

Solution: Lean back now and again, and do some stretching exercises. Better yet, take a break and step away from the desk for a little bit.

2. Sitting and Driving for Long Periods

When you are driving long distance, you slightly bend over to reach the steering wheel. Your chest muscles will get tightened, and your shoulders will be round.

Additionally, you can experience chronic pains in the middle or lower back. When you are always bending over, you will deplete your energy, and it will make you appear heavier.

According to a health study, obese and overweight people experience a higher percentage of lower back pain than nonobese people.

Solution: Get a car seat with lumbar support. You can also stop, take a break, and walk around to stretch your muscles.

3. You Have Not Exercised in a While

If you do not keep up with your regular exercise routine, your muscles will ache. Think of your body like a car. If you do not service your car, it will not run right. Your body is the same way.

You have to exercise your muscles for them to stay in shape. If you are experiencing back pains, exercising will help to ease the pain. The pain will take longer to disappear if you suddenly halt your exercise routine.

Solution: According to Dr. Mercola, you can successfully treat lower back pain with posture-correcting exercises.

4. Wearing High Heels

Frequent wearing of high heels can lead to increased pressure on the spine. This translates into having lower back pain. When you wear high heels, you are continuously arching your back. Your body is not properly proportioned, which can lead to additional back strain.

Solution: Do not stand or walk for long periods in high heels. Wear flats instead.

In conclusion, you can prevent back pains if you take a break from sitting for long periods. You can do stretching exercises that will help to lessen back pains. If you are driving long distance, get a car seat with lumbar support. Keep up your regular exercise routine and refrain from walking for long periods in high heels.


Anne El Bey is a contributing writer for WE Magazine. She also has her own blog. Find out more about her here: http://anneelbeycopywriter.net/.

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