At age 16, DeLisha Sylvester had finished her GED, and prepared to enter college. Her parents raised her to be stand out and take the road less traveled. While her counterparts were finishing their senior year in high school she was a freshman in college. She graduated with her A.A. at 19 and finished her B.A. in English at 22.  After finishing her degree she became a mother and decided that the corporate world was not for her. She started her first business in April 2012, but quickly realized that she needed to use her creative side. She created WE (Women’s Elevation) Magazine a publication that showcases and helps elevate women and young girls. She challenges women to step outside the box and find their calling. To her it’s not about daring to be different it’s about daring to be yourself. Through her transparency she shares her struggles and looks to help inspire, elevate, and push women and young girls to keep fighting.

In 2016, Sylvester had the opportunity to speak at both Texas A&M University and Harvard University on the topic of using digital media to promote, engage and inspire social justice action. Sylvester also attended The White House to participate in Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to get the youth engage in healthly living.

Regarding the magazine, Sylvester has said, “WE Magazine has helped bring my life full circle. Every woman I get to talk to, connect with, share my story with and listen to theirs makes me feel more fulfilled. Whenever I speak to a woman about being a part of the magazine, I let them know that the magazine is for them, and that is my truth. I am here to bring their stories to the forefront…to write about the stories untold, to bring their struggles, laughter, and successes to the light in order to share them with like-minded women embarking on similar journeys.”