Elevating your mindset. WE Magazine believes in self awareness as well as bridging the gap between body, mind, and soul. Our readers should take note that without a healthy body your mind and soul cannot be prosperous. It is important for WE Magazine to teach our readers about the importance of taking care of oneself because that is truly the first step in maintaining a successful life.


Inspiring others is key. WE Magazine provides inspirational topics that not only push women to go for their dreams, but also think outside the box. WE Magazine inspires you to step out of your comfort zone. With the implementation of having contributing writers we are able to give you different views on various situations. We also take comments from our readers regarding what they want to hear about and who they want to hear it from.


Promoting the issues that affect women. WE Magazine promotes the issues that matter. The topics we cover include: the Black Lives Matter movement, Say Her Name, feminism, community outreach, sexual health and relationships, and women’s health. We believe it is important to not only cover these topics, but also interview women that have expertise. By discussing these hard hitting topics we hope to educate our readers on the world around them.